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assault maps - Kotangens - 07-16-2020

10 assault maps:
There is only one official map: techassault. There are too few cards for the assault: if you try: you can find 9 additional ones. You already have a techassault card.
you can dowload this maps:
  1. traprace - a map from mario - like a race - players are trying to get to the finish line - but the blue team will prevent them, because they have buttons for traps. But the problem with the buttons.
  2. assault5 - This is not an ordinary assault card - it has stages, that is, your weapon will disappear and there will be another weapon.
  3. deeper underground - you are deep underground. it has well-defended targets - mostly at the start.
  4. cube-assault - A remake of the cube arena is indistinguishable from the original. A common assault map.
  5. forts and tower assault -A remake of the forts and tower is indistinguishable from the original. A common assault map.
  6. safe district - Very short - nadi to protect or destroy only THREE targets, but well protected - the whole assault.
  7. evad project - Don't think that this is a very short goal - Angry  it is still very difficult. You just have to press the button is not so easy, you have to reach it. Many turrets - which will easily destroy you (1-20 pieces). You have to go through three traps - the first one is not so difficult than dangerous - the second - you cannot hide from it, the lasers will turn you into small cubes. The third unrealistic in it is to dodge lasers in a confined space. the fourth has a tesla, destroy it, near the tesla there is a button that will open the target, there is an evaporator, a shield and the button you are looking for. The blue ones rest, the red ones suffer.
  8. warehouses - A huge map - but there are only a few targets - not badly protected. They are simple.
  9. onarail - You are on a train in which you need to destroy something. It passes quickly.
  10. NEW!rainbow factory - see darkfox's post.
good luck. Big Grin

RE: assault maps - LegendGuard - 07-16-2020

I tested them and I say you what I think:

-traprace looks like a map test.

-deeper underground is very big, especially in the ramps.

-cube-assault fits well for this gamemode.

-forts and tower assault looks balanced, but the dangers are that both teams can camp in some place.

-safe district can be a bit risky to play intensely, there are objects that hinder the player.

-evad project......... WTH? Are you kidding me? Who would play a map like this? It can be used only for exploration.

-warehouses is a nice map for assault, it should be in the game vanilla.

-onarail isn't set for assault, but looks well made for a western game movie.

RE: assault maps - Kotangens - 07-17-2020

Quote:-onarail isn't set for assault, but looks well made for a western game movie.

RE: assault maps - LegendGuard - 07-17-2020

I saw and I tested it. I watched your demo in onarail map, where did you obtain this copy? The original map doesn't work with this gamemode.

RE: assault maps - DarkFox - 07-20-2020

There is also a very "simple" and "easy" map - Rainbow Factory.
Link - https://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=4909 .
(It is very interesting and supports almost all gametypes.)
This is a very "kind" and "not at all stressful" map.
But my favorite and coolest map is of course - evad project. It is a pleasure to play it. The laser corridor on this map reminded me of a scene from the first part of  the movie Resident Evil (there was also a trap in the corridor with lasers).
I passed through these torture chambers with ease. (Just 100,000 deaths and done) Smile .