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Rainbow Factory: Large and evil map supporting every gametype

A kinda large map with several rooms, deadly traps and more or less hidden passages.
It's designed to be fun to explore rather than for proper gameplay, anyway it supports all gametype supported by Xonotic git master and then some.
The map uses the pony models in a certain place, but not having them doesn't affect the map.


Supported gametypes:
  • capture the flag
  • race
  • complete this stage
  • nexball
  • assault
  • invasion
  • domination
  • onslaught
  • jailbreak
  • arena
  • deathmatch
  • last man standing
  • keep away
  • key hunt
  • clan arena
  • team deathmatch
  • freezetag
  • vip
  • infection

While the map is quite large, nexball can only be played in a single room and access to the remaining parts of the map is blocked.
Invasion is played only in a certain area but access to the rest of the map is not prevented.
Assault is only played on about half of the map.
Some rooms are supposed to be a puzzle that you need to solve to advance to the next room, when playing race or cts this is not really visible as it shows the way to go and some doors and stuff are activated automatically by the checkpoints.
All other gametypes make use of the entire map.

More screenshots here
[Image: 14_gears_by_mattbas-d7i8nb7.jpg]
[Image: 03_orange2_by_mattbas-d7i8ngx.jpg]
[Image: 06_red3_by_mattbas-d7i8nfd.jpg]
[Image: 11_blue2_by_mattbas-d7i8ncu.jpg]
[Image: 13_purple_by_mattbas-d7i8nbu.jpg]
[Image: 15_rainboxes1_by_mattbas-d7i8nat.jpg]


(05-14-2014, 01:54 PM)Smilecythe Wrote: You should be doing mission packs, hot damn

Maybe for my next mapping exercise I'll be doing an actual single player puzzle/adventure.
From what I've seen so far looks like that, with a bit of hackery, xonotic maps can have some pretty advanced features.

Updated version 002: added support for jailbreak and fixed some minor bugs here and there.

(05-14-2014, 01:54 PM)Smilecythe Wrote: You should be doing mission packs, hot damn

Big Grin He really should

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