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RaspberryPi4 Server - ablyveiled - 08-10-2020

Hello all.
I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with 8GB RAM, and wish to host a xonotic server on it.
Has anyone had experience with this sort of setup and has any pointers?
Would it be possible to begin with?

RE: RaspberryPi4 Server - Freddy - 08-10-2020

I've recently tested the (then) current dev version on my 4GB Pi4. The client runs way below 30FPS if at all, but the server runs pretty smoothly. I tested it with 8 Bots and it used about 30% CPU.
You need to compile the engine yourself, but that shouldn't be a problem. For the gamedata you can simply copy the pk3s from the release or autobuild zips.
The biggest problem will probably your internet connection. It might not be able to handle many players or cause a lot of jitter.

RE: RaspberryPi4 Server - ballerburg9005 - 08-19-2020

I am currently creating a docker image for arm64.

It is less than 300 MB big.