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doom. Kota-doom!!! - Kotangens - 09-26-2020

The special thing about this map is that you've just installed doom 2 and are playing ffa.
After installing this map, you will not have vertical turns in it. I also disabled jumping
Weapons: Electro, machinegun, hagar, devastator.
1 Mega armor

RE: doom. Kota-doom!!! - AriosJentu - 09-26-2020

Looks like classical first custom maps for Jedi Knight series Big Grin
Also, like Slender The 8 pages, central zone Big Grin
Just so simplest, as you can, but you can do it better. Also, just nice work.
But I think idea with no-jump is not the better idea for xon in case of it's physics, and it's game-bound.