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making people in blender - jacob - 08-27-2010

i just got blender back on this computer and i wanted to know how to create people like some of my friends in blender if anyone would know how to do that, like i put there face on a blender human body or something, and i also would like to know how to do this so i can create models for xonotic,

so if you know a tut on like how to create your friends in blender tell me

thanks in advance

RE: making people in blender - poVoq - 08-27-2010

Download the newest Blender 2.53beta (don't bother with the older 2.49), and check these video tutorials:

but you will need probably months of practice before you will be able to create something that somewhat decent.

RE: making people in blender - Roanoke - 08-27-2010

Months? I would say at least a year. Blender is very sophisticated and requires much patience and diligence.

You can start here.


RE: making people in blender - ai - 09-01-2010

How long it takes to make a good human model all depends on the individual, not the application. If you're a good learner and dead serious about modeling then it can be just a week or two (note, I'm talking about a low poly game model, not a high resolution photorealistic human being).

However, with that said, creating humans in 3D isn't an picknick either. If you're a newbie I'd strongly suggest you watch tons and tons of tutorials on how to create one and also start off with something simpler. Learn topology and proportions diligently.

RE: making people in blender - poVoq - 09-01-2010

Yes, never said that it is due to Blender (but for starters Wings3D might be better). However I disagree that you could learn to make a good looking low-poly human in 2 weeks. You could maybe copy the mesh of a good looking one in that timeframe, but from scratch, absolutely not. And texturing is another beast all together, at takes at least as long to learn, if you are actually painting it and not such render it from a high poly mesh.

RE: making people in blender - Grasshopper - 09-01-2010

http://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=352 also you may be interested in this thread

RE: making people in blender - ai - 09-01-2010

I didn't include the time it took for you to learn how to model a human being and texture it but actual work after you've gathered all that knowledge. I created a high poly human being which was pretty decent my first try in about a week, but of course I watched so many tutorials that I lost count on that and looked at others mistakes and whatnot in order to learn. I also re-watched them over and over to hammer in the knowledge. Plus used them as I went along with my own model and my own references. So yes, even someone who hasn't done such things before can make it in 2 weeks if they have the proper knowledge of course.