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Azure (beta 2) - kuniu the frogg - 08-30-2010

medium-sized indoor DM map (my first map ever)
As stated in thread subject, it's a beta. I'm releasing it to ask for your opinions and suggestions on how to make it better Smile

Beta 1:

Beta 2:

some screenshots:
[Image: dm-1312831695232.png]

[Image: dm-7128316952311.png]

[Image: dm-8128316952314.png]

[Image: dm-212831695231.png]

[Image: dm-1128316952410.png]

RE: Azure (beta) - Debugger - 08-30-2010

wow that looks intresting Smile

I especially like the middle rooms with strength and important weapons. Its too big to be controlled by just one player, nice!

RE: Azure (beta) - kojn^ - 08-30-2010

Will get and try this one later Smile

RE: Azure (beta) - Roanoke - 08-30-2010

I'll put it on my queue of maps to try Tongue

RE: Azure (beta) - rainerzufalldererste - 08-31-2010

wanna play it Big Grin
nice work!

RE: Azure (beta) - Sepelio - 09-02-2010

I made a nice race map called Azure once Tongue

Good work though!

RE: Azure (beta) - Cortez666 - 09-04-2010

i knew i heard that name before.

Th forg plays dm. need to try that map tomorrow

RE: Azure (beta) - kuniu the frogg - 09-05-2010

so you guys would suggest changing the name?

btw i'm almost ready with some upgrades, some light entities were placed in a terrible way, some textures were completely out of the blue.

Also, if someone would tell me how to make glass in Netradiant, i could make my map slightly more interesting (some windows, i like 'polluted earth' skybox and i want to use it somehow)

EDIT: download link for beta 2 in first post

RE: Azure (beta 2) - Sepelio - 09-07-2010

Glass requires shader work/textures. Nothing too complex, though. Theres a tutorial kicking around somewhere I think. Shaders are really easy just copy and paste most of the time Tongue

RE: Azure (beta 2) - kuniu the frogg - 09-08-2010

thanks Sepelio, i was digging through tutorials and couldn't find it, that's why i was asking.
But i took a closer look on red_planet.map and found out how to do what i need Smile

RE: Azure (beta 2) - Roanoke - 09-24-2010

Finally tried it.

Warpzone is not textured, if it works for others likely I just need to pull git again...
[Image: dm-612853691924.png]

Try refractive glass here like on red_planet beta.
[Image: dm-1512853691926.png]

Deprecated textures in at least one spot (keep in mind trak5 is deprecated, trak5x is not)
[Image: dm-512853691920.png]