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Trouble with setting up a non-local private server - spaceenfix - 11-21-2021

= Trouble with setting up a non-local private server

I'm having trouble with setting up a non-local server, and overall extremely
confused about Xonotic's networking.

I want to be able to play Xenotic with a few friends on a private server, we
are not in the same network and we are not using the same OSes.

I can run a dedicated server with `xonotic-dedicated -sessionid testserver`,
and it launches fine and loads the configs from `~/.xonotic/data/server.cfg` as
expected, although I do get the error `Error response from keygen server: Not
allowed` every single time I run with the `-sessionid whatever` flag, but I can
still enter my server locally.

== What I want to do

I want my friends to be able to connect to my server by entering
`connect MY_PUBLIC_IP:PORT`. I have my router already forwarding a port to my PC's 26000
port (in UDP mode). I can always enter the server locally by opening xonotic and running

However, trying to connect from outside my network (`connect
MY_PUBLIC_IP:PORT`) causes nothing. No errors, no warnings, just nothing.

I'm extremely confused as to how xonotic even deals with servers, why is the
default IP address (another a null IP in IPv6)? The script
`server_linux.sh` seems to be kinda useless as it just runs the x86_64 binary I
already have installed on my system and can run any time I want with

I really want to know where I'm messing up because I never had this sort of
issue with any game, is the process as straightfoward as "running the server on
localhost and just port-forwarding your friends to it" or am I missing
something crucial?

Below there's some extra information that might be useful. Thank you for your patience.

== Extra Info:

OS: Arch Linux (64-bit)
Xonotic Installation: done through package manager, version 0.8.2

`~/.xonotic/data/server.cfg` (Only non-comment lines for the sake of not being verbose):

sv_public 0
hostname "xonotic_boogaloo"
sv_motd "yes."
port 26000
bot_number 2
sv_weaponstats_file http://www.xonotic.org/weaponbalance/

Note: The `sv_weaponstats_file` seems counter intuitive, wouldn't the // comment the URL out?

RE: Trouble with setting up a non-local private server - Mario - 11-22-2021

The `net_address` line may be unnecessary, as that is generally used for larger-scale servers with multiple IPs. Other than that, all I can suggest is to perform tests to make sure the UDP port is actually open on your router - possibly by using an online tool.

As for the keygen error; that is just related to stats reporting, and can safely be ignored for your purposes.