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New space skybox - samiam - 01-17-2022

In my project to make a Nexuiz version as small as possible, I went over to https://tools.wwwtyro.net/space-3d/index.html, found the seed “3d7za2x8311c”, and used that to make a skybox which, after I rotated it, is suitable for three different maps. I rotated it so its sun/moon is more or less in the same position as the moon in the old stralenex8/darkblue skybox, so that Blood Prison can be used with this skybox.

Edit I have added a shader so maps using this sky in Netradient will have the sun in the map illuminate things when built with q3map2

I donate this skybox to the public domain. A LICENSE file stating this is included with the skybox.

If size is an issue, one can extract the .pk3 file (just a .zip file with a different extension), and convert the .png files in to .jpg files.

To use this skybox, put the .pk3 file in Xonotic’s (or Nexuiz’s) data directory, load a map, and type this in the console:

loadsky env/samiamspace/s

.pk3   samiamspace.pk3 (Size: 4.01 MB / Downloads: 2)

RE: New space skybox - samiam - 01-17-2022

A screenshot showing the skybox being used. This is a public domain picture, insomuch as a Nexuiz screenshot can be made public domain.

(Yes, I have verified the skybox works in Xonotic.)