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Full Version: Disable Freeze Tag All-Weapons Spawn / Hooney Duel
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I want a game mode that is:

* round based
* vanilla starting spawn stats (100 H, 0 A)
* vanilla starting spawn equipment (only Blaster and Shotgun)

Because I got the recommendation to imitate Hooney Mode Duel on my server to help beginner and intermediate duelists on starting scenarios for duel.

So I decided the easiest way of doing this is:

* use Freeze Tag
* set max players to 2
* force item spawns to appear on the maps
* disable spawning with all weapons

The first 3 seem easy to do, but the last one I couldn't find a cvar for.
I don't mind too much about the teamplay interfaces because this is going to be a hidden vcall for server regulars.
Actually, freeze tag uses most weapons arena, you can forcibly disable that by setting g_weaponarena to "off"
Ok thank you's. I got it going.