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Xonotic Quick Cup #11 (Duel/AU) - harry_ftw - 10-05-2012

We had thirteen players in a quick one-night duel cup:
  • alfredthetomato
  • Cavey
  • chooksta
  • coconut
  • harry_ftw
  • HypnoToad
  • KaosKeith
  • Ling
  • Mirio (lol)
  • Osiris
  • Rolley
  • Turkey_shoot
  • Trev&Nacho
The map pool was all new maps: ctxdm1, fe26, silentsiege.

The format was a round-robin group stage (four groups) with the top two from each group going through into a single elimination bracket. Every game except the final was a single map, and the final was best of three.

Demos (my pov unfortunately) from the final:
gg everyone

RE: XA duel cup #2 - Mirio - 10-05-2012


Wink ggs

RE: XA duel cup #2 - 0siris - 10-05-2012

Another successful cup from down under, thanks to all who participated and organized the cup, the new maps are all awesome and made for great and interesting matches through out the cup. congratulation harry_ftw, you are one lucky son of a B however u still lack proper skillsets :p
and also ty mirio <3 mirio, mirio the best Smile