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Re-Lightning Maps - Wolf-Snipe - 04-18-2020

Hey everyone!

When in making of my fragmovie i was wondering why so mayn popular maps doesnt have an actual realtime lightning + shadows in them. After i bit of searching and buggering with xonotic i found that you can make this in the game which makes me wonder even more why mappers doesnt try to make these! Anyway ive started making rtlights, just for my moviemaking needs and i have to admit some of these im outright proud of myself. Here let me throw some examples with comparison with rtlights off/on. Disclaimer i was making these with lightmaps brightness set to 0.3, so some can screenshots can be really dark. Tell what you think :>


I'll post 1 or 2 replies with more examples :>

RE: Re-Lightning Maps - Wolf-Snipe - 04-18-2020


RE: Re-Lightning Maps - Wolf-Snipe - 04-18-2020

THE YARD(Remake by Cortez)

RE: Re-Lightning Maps - Wolf-Snipe - 04-18-2020