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[DM] Above - kuniu the frogg - 04-01-2011

i want to show you my new map, supporting DM, TDM, LMS, CA, Arena, Rune, Freezetag, KeyHunt, Keepaway, Domination.

The size of .pk3 is quite huge because of great unfa's track i used for this map (Analogish, you can check it also here).

download link:

smaller, two-platform version:

[Image: 1r9f1n5wqhj3x67iarx_thumb.jpg][Image: ri0hn60si85283038w_thumb.jpg][Image: a8l44jx7zy30pf650vff_thumb.jpg][Image: xeqyw108iwrwto9hpwqm_thumb.jpg][Image: xfn8jh46b1isfjpl3qxe_thumb.jpg]

RE: [DM] Above - Cortez666 - 04-01-2011

nice one Mr. Frog
im looking forward to play this one with other people

RE: [DM] Above - Justin - 04-01-2011

Good design, Kuniu!

RE: [DM] Above - nowego4 - 04-01-2011

I think there should be more clippings on the posts that hold the rail up on top level by the jumpads. Right now it's pretty hard to get a good oval going. Also the posts that are not in the middle and not on the edge seem to be clipped differently currently. Is this true and if so what's the reason?

The crate on the lower walkway seems dark. IDK why but it just does.

Why did you decide to leave Keepaway out?

Very good texture choices, nice application of warpzones.


First LAN TDM, the bots did surprisingly well.

RE: [DM] Above - rainerzufalldererste - 04-02-2011

Is this Xonotic or Crysis 2?^^ Big Grin O.O Wow! Awesome!!!

RE: [DM] Above - Samual - 04-04-2011

Add keepaway and i'll add it to my server ;D

Keepaway works on floater maps too, just FYI -- the code purposely has checks and spawns the ball over land.. and even if it does fall into space, it just respawns.

Otherwise it looks really great

RE: [DM] Above - kuniu the frogg - 04-05-2011

add keepaway, add keepaway... blablabla...
i just didn't have it in my default .mapinfo Smile
(haven't played keepaway yet to be honest, ever)

ok, here's updated .pk3:

first post also updated.

RE: [DM] Above - Samual - 04-05-2011

(04-05-2011, 03:09 AM)kuniu the frogg Wrote: add keepaway, add keepaway... blablabla...
i just didn't have it in my default .mapinfo Smile
(haven't played keepaway yet to be honest, ever)

ok, here's updated .pk3:

first post also updated.
Well thank you ^_^

Also: I coded Keepaway. You better try it... or your children will grow up with horrible diseases usually only found in Africa. ;3

I'll make sure to add it to my server some time this week (gotta update it with a bunch of other stuff as well)

RE: [DM] Above - JayWalker - 04-16-2011

Sweet map dude Smile

RE: [DM] Above - NetMassimo - 04-16-2011

Good map with a nice balance of difficulty and weapons.

RE: [DM] Above - theShadow - 04-16-2011

there are a couple things that could be improved visually, such as a higher resolution light map and a more interesting floor texture, but all in all its a really good map.

RE: [DM] Above - TickleMeElmo - 04-16-2011

Love the map, i have had a lot fun playing on it. I was playing on it and though wow this would make a great ctf map, with a few slight changes of course.

RE: [DM] Above - emrys merlin - 04-16-2011

Definitely one of my fav : )

RE: [DM] Above - kuniu the frogg - 04-17-2011

(04-16-2011, 05:42 PM)theShadow Wrote: higher resolution light map

how can i achieve that?

(04-16-2011, 10:56 PM)TickleMeElmo Wrote: this would make a great ctf map

hah, though i don't like CTF maps of that kind (mentalspace ARGHH...), sooner or later someone would probably make such map for xonotic, so maybe i'll do it myself Tongue

RE: [DM] Above - theShadow - 04-17-2011

in radiant, I am pretty sure there is a key to define the light map resolution. I would look it up for you, but I do not have access to radiant at the moment.

just look through the list of keys for world-spawn, and see if you can find one for light map resolution.

RE: [DM] Above - kuniu the frogg - 04-18-2011

ok i found it and i'll give it a try, thank you

RE: [DM] Above - MirceaKitsune - 04-19-2011

Tried it a little... very nice map! Maybe too simple and small gameplay wise, but it looks very sweet. With a few tweaks and maybe area expansions, I think I would easily approve merging this in master Big Grin

RE: [DM] Above - theShadow - 04-19-2011

My suggestion in terms of layout is to add a 3rd wheel, forming a triangle.

here is a picture illustrating what I mean, as well as showing off my mad l33t photoshop skills.

the green lines are the cutoff for the upper deck and the path of the jump pads.

it seems to me that this wouldn't be particularly difficult to do either. just make the necessary changes to the existing brushes, and copy the parts you need, put them in place, and rotate them until they fit.

doing this would make the layout a lot more complex and interesting, i think.

RE: [DM] Above - Rage_ATWM - 04-20-2011

on the "third wheel" idea, it would be useful to put somewhere on each wheel some distinctive visible marks for players to be able to identify on which wheel he actually is. Just to not lose players into 3 identical wheels.
I don't kow where to put this. Maybe with some number theme spread all over each wheel (on wheel 1, you would have some '1's depicted on different elements of the wheel, etc.) or some (preferably discrete) color theme on each wheel.

RE: [DM] Above - Sepelio - 04-20-2011

I suggest putting coloured whatsits... light decals? Y'know like those lil lights you get on tall buildings to warn pilots, fog lights is it?. Put them on those big pillar/antenna things. Green, red and blue or something. Change trims to match that theme as well maybe?

Sorry I'm exceedingly tired at the moment.

RE: [DM] Above - theShadow - 04-20-2011

yeah, changing the trim color would work.

RE: [DM] Above - frostwyrm333 - 04-20-2011

off topic question - i noticed this in other games - why do circle meshed look like very curved squares? Shouldn't it be be possible to emulate a circle ?

RE: [DM] Above - MirceaKitsune - 04-20-2011

I like theShadow's "third platform" idea!

RE: [DM] Above - Cortez666 - 04-20-2011

(04-20-2011, 03:42 PM)MirceaKitsune Wrote: I like theShadow's "third platform" idea!

its a thing about personal preferences. At the end its kuniu's decision, if he wants to add a third platform.
If there is another platform, you would have to remake a big part of the map. Since there is no real possibility for a connection to a third platform.

RE: [DM] Above - kuniu the frogg - 04-20-2011

slowly i start to like this idea too Smile
though i think i'll connect this third platform by warpzones, not jumppads. That way i will be able to make it much more different from other two (and it will be much easier than editing all platforms and using some strange angles Smile )