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[REJECTED] Unban MicearealKitsune

MirceaKitsune told me he has just been banned on the Xonotic Forums.

I believe you have been victims of social engineering.

This is my take on events: There was some pedophile-related argument he made years ago, from which some people in power in the Darkplaces community decided that he must himself indeed be a pedophile. Or if its not that, then he is just too nasty to be seen with in public. So either or they thought it was better for them to ban him.

Now apparently they even made it their job to turn the world upside down against him. When I joined the Darkplaces Discord for example, without having said anything related, I was posted dozens of screenshots of evidence and explanations to justify how MirceaKitsune is bad and how he must be gone forever. I don't even know if this was an automated message to everyone new joining the server. The other impressions I got from Darkplaces also fell in line with this, albeit they were just loose impressions and nothing substantial.

It wouldn't be far fetched to think, that people of this caliber would also dig up other communities online where he participates in from his online profiles. And then begin to attack and badmouth him there exactly the same way. People acting along those lines would feel very safe and very powerful in this, as naturally the topic gives them lots of leeway and benefit of the doubt. After all, who really wants to look as if being complicit to pedophiles?

I have seen all the "evidence" against him and it really does not speak for much of anything. Although if you were to add this and that to it with ill intent, like someone could do who spoke as if knowing him more personally, then it might totally make the wrong impression on someone else who does not really know him. I think this is what happened here.

The decision has been discussed within the Xonotic team in detail and has been made without a single vote against it. The reason behind the vote is that the Xonotic team will not tolerate advocacy of child abuse and clearly disassociates itself from anyone that does. The evidence that was available at the time of decision making led to the team voting for a ban without a single objection. I think this should suffice for understanding the reasoning behind the ban. If you feel MirceaKitsune has become a victim of social engineering or even social justice warriors, you are free to believe so. I for my part can only attest the Xonotic team a very reasonable, careful and self-critic assessment of the subject matter.
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If the reason for the ban is advocacy of child abuse, then please by the love of god apologize to him and unban him very quickly.

The truth of the matter is that he never advocated child abuse, or even pedophilia. This is what I can tell from having also reviewed all this "evidence" against him. He is not even a pedophile. Although he is a otherkin furry. Which is probably why he can sympathize so much, having faced similar levels of discrimination.

In this "evidence", he simply has argued how pedophiles and zoophiles are naturally part of this society, similar to gay and trans people. And that the current way to deal with them, i.e.  by the "torch and burn it" approach, is neither very civilized, nor educated, and it is arguably even counter-productive.

You know what they say, the only good Indian is a dead Indian. And I am totally fine with that. When they are relentlessly attacking your homes and families, who could feel any differently? I'm no Inidian collaborator. But maybe 100 years from now, society changes, Indians change. Then we can finally behave to each other like civilized people.

It was put up to a vote, and that vote was unanimous. End of story. Locking this thread.
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