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What do you think about a remake of Darkzone CTF for Xonotic?
OMG I would love to see a Darkzone CTF remake for Xonotic!
BurningPi, Calinou, julianastein, Silica Gel: Do Not Eat, Sless
5 22.73%
Darkzone CTF was okay. If someone improved it, it could be a good map.
harry_ftw, rainerzufalldererste, slash, vede
4 18.18%
I never enjoyed Darkzone CTF. If someone remakes it, I'll look at it.
Akari, clanclanclan, Cuinnton, Debugger, divVerent, SkyHookers, tZork
7 31.82%
Darkzone CTF sucks. Don't remake it. Focus on other maps instead.
Agamalama, CrrazzyRulezz, It'sMe, Mirio, Morphed, Sepelio
6 27.27%
Total: 22 vote(s) 100%
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