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Guitar, bass guitar
ALT-F-X, CuBe0wL, Dokujisan, Exitium, GreEn`mArine, JayWalker, lda17h, lopho, mr3xcellent, mudkip, N1mbus, nifrek, PGP_Qz, rado, Rage_ATWM, rainerzufalldererste, Samual, Snugglepaws, Taximus, tZork, urmel
21 18.26%
Drums, percussion
esteel, GreEn`mArine, Inso, Justin, lda17h, lopho, mr3xcellent, mudkip, nifrek, Rage_ATWM, rainerzufalldererste
11 9.57%
Wind instruments (flutes)
divVerent, Ilaith, ThePWTULN
3 2.61%
Reed instruments (oboe, clarinet, saxophone))
Agamalama, Coldfission, lopho, mr3xcellent, mudkip
5 4.35%
Brass instruments (trumpet, horn, tuba)
master[mind], slash, Taximus, Will
4 3.48%
String instrument (violin, cello)
AnnKittyKat, Paake
2 1.74%
Keyboard, piano, organ, accordian
ALT-F-X, anark10n, AnnKittyKat, CuBe0wL, Halogene, Ilaith, Justin, lopho, master[mind], mr3xcellent, mudkip, N1mbus, naryl, Rage_ATWM, rainerzufalldererste, Samual, The mysterious Mr. 4m, ThePWTULN, tZork
19 16.52%
Electronic, synthesizer, sampling, mixing
ALT-F-X, chooksta, Grunt, Ilaith, lda17h, lopho, master[mind], mr3xcellent, nifrek, node357, rainerzufalldererste, Snugglepaws, The mysterious Mr. 4m, unfa
14 12.17%
Other instrument type not listed here
lopho, Snugglepaws, The mysterious Mr. 4m, tZork
4 3.48%
Vocals, singing
Exitium, Ilaith, kuniu the frogg, master[mind], mr3xcellent, rainerzufalldererste, Silica Gel: Do Not Eat, The mysterious Mr. 4m, unfa
9 7.83%
I'm currently in a band/music group
Ilaith, lda17h, master[mind], mr3xcellent, nifrek, unfa
6 5.22%
I create/play music individually
ALT-F-X, anark10n, chooksta, divVerent, Halogene, Ilaith, Justin, lda17h, lopho, master[mind], mr3xcellent, mudkip, nifrek, rainerzufalldererste, Snugglepaws, Taximus, The mysterious Mr. 4m
17 14.78%
Total: 115 vote(s) 100%
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