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Wiki Editing?

Hello, fellow Xonotic-ers!

I have a question which many of you may find rather noobish, but I wish
to aide in maintaining the wiki on the dev tracker. However, I am unable to figure out how
to edit wiki pages. I am already registered on the tracker as Friskydingo64.

Can anyone explain to me how to do this?

You have to get editing enabled on your account Smile

You can either be patient and wait for an admin to notice this, or ask directly on the dev irc channel (#xonotic on freenode)

Thanks! But who should I ask? Is there a process or something for getting editing enabled by an admin? Shy

Yes, the process consists of asking an admin Tongue

I showed the thread to merlijn, we'll see if he has time for it!
EDIT: he's not an admin. Woops. I asked divVerent now.

Thank you so much!

I hope to help Xonotic in any way I can.

Can you try again?

Yes! I can edit wikis now! Thank you Mr. Bougo!

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