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[SUGGESTION] definition

I had an idea earlier. I know there is a gamemode that focuses on parkour, (cyber parkour) however, the entire game seems to have a theme along those lines. so I was thinking, why don't we advertise this game for what it is? an open source parkour FPS. that would help new people coming in understand what they are getting, and also to explain in part why the physics are the way they are, and why so much emphasis is put on moving quickly
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only because xonotic has a gamemode parkour, we should call it a "parkour fps" ?!

i don't know who told you xonotic had a "theme along these lines", i never heard of that. xonotic is primarily an unrealistic fun shooter, not a "parkour fps", that leads in a totally wrong direction.

Parkour guys don't carry 20 rockets and a rocket launcher in their pocket. And don't run in outer space without protection.
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what about some hardcore future parkour guys? they may like to put on the space suit, grab some lasers and shoot each other while doing tricks in low gravity.

But still, this idea suxxx.
(08-10-2012, 02:37 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Cloud is the new Web 2.0. It makes no damn sense to me.

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The focus of the game is to kill your enemies, not to be more graceful than them.
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Parkour is great!
Xonotic is great!

Please invent a 100 key mouse that is shipped to us all and then write the code and remodel all the models and animations... Tongue

It doesn't fit the game! Wink
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Parkour? only thing that comes to mind is when Michael Scott and Dwight got all into Parkour on The Office Video Here lul and thats a big no from me to the parkour xonotic tie in.Dodgy
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I think he's confusing deFrag with Parkour. Trickjumping (deFrag) is not parkour, tricking isn't even that good in Xonotic, you can basically just forward-bunny through everything.

Let's not attack the OP. He was just a little confused as to the point of Xonotic. OP, you might want to go watch some videos of Garrys Mod Parkour, a mod for (you guessed it) Garry's Mod that allows players to jump around a city. You should be able to see why it wouldn't work out well in a game like Xonotic.

(10-07-2010, 11:28 AM)ThePWTULN Wrote: The focus of the game is to kill your enemies, not to be more graceful than them.

^^^ This.

But think OP got a little confused also, probably means more along the lines of defrag like Jergling said.
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