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Dynamic Lights Seperated?

I have a dilemma, my system will handle the world lighting with ease and comfort, but creating several dynamic lights on weapons will bring my framerate down to 30(unplayable for me Big Grin). I figure this wouldn't be too hard to do, seperate the realtime dynamic light setting from the realtime world light setting. Right now, only enabling realtime world lights still turns on dynamic lighting for weapons and projectiles, selecting only realtime world lights should only turn on the world lighting. This would be a wonderful change.

Xonotic maps don't currently use realtime lights (and I think this should stay this way because it's awful if the maps have different lighting levels depending on settings). Okay, one exception is a flickering light on red-planet, but that is forced enabled anyway.

...some maps do, Stormkeep makes gorgeous use of realtime world lights, even soylent has a single world light to add some nice environmental shadowing, and the lights aren't forced in red planet. I've been doing some extensive performance testing on my hardward, especially on red planet and stormkeep, those two hurt. I found in my testing that killing relief mapping and using only world lights(not dynamic i.e. projectile) produced a great framerate for me, so I figured it wouldn't be too much of a challenge to seperate the two features. I'm gonna poke in the code and see if I can find a way to change it.

Effects-light currently seem to make bad use of lights (spawns to many of them). This will, hopefully, be fixed before beta release.

@ SavageX: Small flickering lights and such are OK imo, its just esthetic's. The nono is using rtlights to substantially change a maps light levels on different settings.

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