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Campgrounds Redux source for finish

I'm launching this thread in editing, since the map is not finished yet!

Quite lot of you requested that you would like to get the .map file of campgrounds redux a while ago, but I didnt want to make it public until I finish it. Well, here ya go, recently I dont really have as much time as a year ago, so if someone wants to, he can finish it Smile
Be prepared that on quite lot of places the map is a REAL mess, I had to redo stuffs several times during the creation.

There are some things I would really like to be included since Xonotic physics have changed:

- most important: the map has to be scaled up, iirc to 1.3, something around that, I made it too small in the editor and noticed too late :/ so dont forget to set it up in the compiler! (dont scale up the map in the editor it will offset tons of alignments)
- quite lot of brush merging and texture alignments, basically everywhere, that was the only thing I wanted to do before releasing, but it turned out to be really time consuming
- give back the laser by default, people dont abuse it too much in xonotic anyways
- in the map file the laser platform should rather contain those armor+hp shards, and the platform has to be kept: you can trickjump from the 50 armor jumppad to the nex platform this way, by jumping to the laser platform in between
- make the platform at nex a tiny bit longer, like only 30-40 cm, in xonotic the trickjump to there is much harder, but dont make it way too long, otherwise the players cant see the 100 armor area while crouching
- replace the nexuiz logo with the xonotic eagle
- switch some textures so the theme would fit better into xonotic (tho currently its not superfar either i think)
- playeclip that light-line around the map so players cant jump on it and stand "on the wall". Same with the lava lines in the middle room: weapon and playerclip it

things that I dont want to be changed:
- ammo and weapon placements are final, and balanced
- spawnplaces are also final
- dont disable footsteps at any cost
- dont remove any trickjumps, there are over 10, if you are not sure about something contact me on IRC, or send PM
- the map screenshot should contain the maps name in the bottom right corner and the image should be taken on the same place (at 50 armor)
- dont make a CTF version of it haha Big Grin

I hope there will be a volunteer to finish the map, as I said mostly visual things have to be corrected, aligned. And of course some theme improvements Wink

.pk3 file with textures, shaders and stuffs:
.map file for source:

EDIT: Ohh, forgot to mention, this map is COMPLETELY made from scratch, using the netradiant editor, I dont have GPL included in the packages but, of course its as open as it can get, do whatever you want with it...

Thank you for sharing these sources my mate, I'll upload it later today to git, so anyone can continue it!
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Nice Hungarian people!!!! Big Grin

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Campgrounds! ^^

I got an other campgrounds-beta4.pk3 with different size from some other source. Are you sure you shouldn't raise the version or something?

its the same file, i only modified the config file, so laser is added back, just to be ahead with this at least. So no worries, everything is the same: beta4 is the exactly the same as the packed map. Tongue

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