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[NEEDS INFO] Odd movements of opponents

I run the build system, and keep my installation up to date.

Several of the more recent builds seem to exhibit an odd opponent movement on any of the test servers, regardless of the ping.

Opponents seem to jump right thru you, even in passage ways too small for them to jump over. When you close in on them, they are in front of you one frame and behind you the next.

Its like there is no contact physics at all, and I've been unsuccessful at pushing an opponent over an edge. This is very unlike other games I've played (who shall remain nameless ;-).

Is there a setting that affects this that I can adjust?

This sounds like you are experiencing a lot of lag. How high are your pings, and what about your packet loss? (PL)

Another thing that might cause this is you having a bunch of old files somewhere, such as pk3s from Nexuiz. Did you try to start out fresh by moving your data directory away temporarily?
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