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Sands of Fire (epic machinima)

After 5 long years, it's finally there. Sands of Fire! Check out the whole story on

Quote:When [LRRP] Snipersonic contacted us four years ago about a new movie called Sands of Fireit was quite clear that this machinima will be something special. And even if there were any doubts that this was going to be anything but a real blast, the first trailer released in 2006 dispelled any thoughts alike. Everyone wanted to see SoF and although the Battlefield community has decreased during the last four years nothing has changed since then. People out there have been lacking for the movie and guys, we're hitting the road! Team proudly presents the release of Part one ! It’s here, it’s epic and it’s the reason that our news for once starts with the English version.

Welcome to Fallujah
While I’m writing the news part one of the movie runs for the fifth time on the second monitor just in case I’ve missed an effect or sound for my review. And let me tell you that you will find a lot of them when you go on a the trip to Fallujah that Davy Staelens and Daniele Ciccone selected as a plot for their machinima. A group of US Marines is ambushed during a rainy night and the only survivor of the firefight is taken as a hostage. On the following day the US machinery leaves no stone unturned to rescue the soldier. That’s the story you so far all know from the blog posts. What you don’t know is how epic it has been realized.

Epic sound, epic effects
One of the most impressive things are the voice acting and the sounds which blast you away. The radio messages seem lifelike and create the right atmosphere for the pictures to unfold their full potential. The sound is epic and the pictures are as well. The camera angles are well done and the custom animations for the player models are awesome. You have to watch the movie at least twice to realize how much work has been done to create those effects. The damaged rear light after the Humvee hit the wall or the rain drop that is falling from the sky to the helmet of the soldiers. There are so many things to explore that watching the movie twice might not be enough.

Enough talking
That been said I won’t bother you with more details but advise you to download the movie instead. The file is 2GB large and contains the movie, a lot of artworks and the latest version of the VLC player that you will need to watch the MKV format. Another option is the DIVX player. Once the movie has been downloaded to your hard drive unpack it and open it with VLC. You’ll see English subtitles by default. To change or deactivate subtitles just right click on the video screen, open the dropdown under video and change the settings as you wish. And don’t forget to watch it on the biggest screen you can find! The story will continue with Part Two that hasn't been released yet. So stay tuned and watch the blog of the Digital Warriors for further updates.

Download: Click me (2GB)

They are actually working on uploading an online steam on their official Site.

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