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[SOLVED] Xonotic LAN

Can I play Xonotic by LAN, without Internet? How to create only LAN (shown only to LAN players) game?

Go to your Xonotic folder and search there a "server" folder. Open server.cfg with any text editor. Change settings throws advices how you need. Change this: "net_address"
to any local adress in ur LAN ( for example) . Also sv_public 0 (o for private server)
it works well for me, at least =)

Oh - good question.

Someone has to host the Gameserver on his machine, while other players can connect to your hosting game by:
"connect ip:port"

You got to configure your server.cfg file for that (port, maps, mutators, ...things you like to have configured...), and there you go.

Thats it (afaik).

More information how to configure you server.cfg is described in /xonotic/server/readme.txt .
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Serverlist will be clear without Internet? Can other LAN players connect to my game with sv_public 0 parameter?

Yepp, they can connect to your server. sv_public 0 means that your server IS online / reachable, only not shown in the public serverlist.

And yes - the serverlist will stay empty without connection to the InTeRNeTz.
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is sv_public 0 should be entered to console?

The "sv_public 0" is the first command which has to be configured in your server.cfg.

The only thing you need to hack in your console is the "connect []ip:port"[/i]".
When your server.cfg is configured correct - you should get into game.
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Um, as far as I know a listen server is sufficient, and LAN servers show up in the server list. Probably even when sv_public is 0. I don't think you need to set net_address at all.

So just open the "create" tab, set it up the way you like, launch and the other PCs in the LAN should see your server on the public server list with low enough latency to find it easily. You don't need server.cfg, the menu is probably enough.

Listen server may be a bad idea, because if the client running it is under heavy cpu strain (darkplaces tends to do that..) the server will also get cpu starved, possibly "lagging" everyone. Launching as dedicated fixes this (even if it still on the same machine). sv_public is only for reporting server (or not) to the master server. local ones should always show up unless im remembering things wrong.

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