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[SOLVED] Xonotic resulution

Hey guys i got a new motitor that has trouble dispaying Xonotic with my old screen resulution showing me a black screen when i start the game.
I had the same problem with other games too.
So how can i change the screen resulition without starting the game?


What is your OS?
If you know how to launch xonotic from the terminal, do it with the argument +vid_fullscreen 0
If you don't know how to do that, create a file called autoexec.cfg, put the line vid_fullscreen 0 in it and put that file in the same directory as your config.cfg. Where that is depends on your operating system: for linux and mac it's ~/.xonotic/data/ and for Windows it's in My Documents\My Games or somewhere inside your user directory if you're not using XP. Do a file search for config.cfg
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Hi Spamm0r!

Could you please be more specific about your problem? What OS do you use, with what resolutions? I suspect there'll be problems with vertsync.
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Problem solved,
thanks at all

I could change the resulution settings in the config.cfg you mentioned.
I never thought it would be in the personal documents folder.

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