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Possible to edit maps on Mac OS X Lion?

I've been searching for some time now to find a working editor for quake 3 and derivative engines but have had no success. Has anyone got this working on a Mac running OS X Lion?

Are there work arounds that do not involve linux, bootcamp with windows?

Where might I find such a thing?

Xonotic is NOT quake3 derived. it does however use the same map format. So its map editor, netradiant, should be usable for q3 too. I know some ppl have successfully set netradiant up on mac, however I know nothing abt mac's tough, so i have no idea how to do it.

netradiant, or gtkradiant the editor for xonotic, will run on OSX lion with xquartz. However, you will have to compile it yourself.

there are a couple ways to go about getting it. if you download xonotic from git, it comes with the source of netradiant. guide here:

You could also try this:

if you get on the development IRC channel, #xonotic at, I will be able to help you more.
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