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[SUGGESTION] Collada for misc_model, misc_gamemodel

Collada is an open standard to exchange digital assets.

I was asking myself several times why not such filetypes like Collada are not implemented in Netradiant and Xonotic.

I would love to see such an easy-to-read format since it is XML based. Exports Animations, Materials, everything what you do in blender. Blender does actually provide such a Collda import and export plugin and is a part of the Collda workgroup. No need to install or activate a plugin in blender for that matter.

So I'm going to suggest implementing Collada into the Xonotic project, this could make the life for so many people easier since you can actually read and edit the code.

But maybe there's a reason why devs dont want to implement collada, besides lots of work; maybe I'm just missing something, something I did not consider at all.

Please correct me if I do.

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i don't develop ... but I can't get a working md3 or iqm model ... so instead of the complexity ... something I understand will help me alot

(also from what i have heard not all of the good exporters for md3 and such made it to the new blender)

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