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Large scale vehicle ctf & ons map.

v3 is Possibly the last version as the gameplay on this map just don't seem to work.

[Image: U6mBOl.jpg]

[Image: 338FWl.jpg]

[Image: bnYW9l.jpg]

[Image: jng9ml.jpg]

Top budgets I have find are

[Image: qaxZC.jpg]

You have a LOT of space for extra stuff. like 20 000 tris. And you could use it, because I feel pity for those, who are in the middle of the map on foot.

It looks like Unsealed remake, bases are 10x times better due to blocked entrances for vehicles.

Of course i know the terrain is low-ish poly count - i want/left room for alot more details. im more interested in how it in the heat of battle (eg id the distance cull is enough) If it is, it just saved me a major headake Wink

Add 12 bots, go to spec, prepare fire extinguisher Big Grin

Bots dont help, because:
its a local game, hard to overload the loopback interface Wink
bots cant use vehicles
my system is not representative for what most ppls computers are like.
[Image: 056X3s.jpg]
that's with 64 bots.

i had no problems with the frame counter, i only disliked the sky being a bit too high?
Flyers and the long-lasting jetpack may attack from VERY far / high ...

the performance is fine, one can even on foot speed up enough to cross the gaps without much effort.
sandstorm i.e. sometimes is more boring to bunnyhop across..

What is "distance cull" ? Iirc something like that is not possible.
[Image: 561.png]
"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."

Maybe not the best visuals but I really like the gameplay on this map, first time I enjoy vehicles.

One suggestion I would give to avoid excessive bunny hopping in case a person does not have a vehicle would be to either

A. Have Team Jump Pads Near the Base to close the Distance by a least half like in Halo 3 Valhalla. You could also have power generators that enemies can destroy to disable the jump pads like in C. Brutail's Map to add to the gameplay.


B. Have Jet packs available near both bases instead of near the center of the map.

I personally would prefer option A because not only then you can leave the jet packs alone but you can have more gameplay and tactics going on with the jump pads / generator.

What I liked:
  • The sheer scale of the map (wow!)
  • The high-res rock textures
  • The fact that vehicles cannot enter the bases
  • The location of the flag
  • The general layout

What I disliked:
  • Far too much orange
  • The fog is far too close
  • The ground is too blurry
  • The map is a little bit too big for current vehicle balance imo (it takes a while to get across it, perhaps add some jumps/teleporters)

I agree with Squigger.

Performance is fine for me. Overall, I like it!

(06-29-2012, 10:03 AM)C.Brutail Wrote: What is "distance cull" ? Iirc something like that is not possible.

pffft you know this one m8.. your just getting old and forgetful! Wink _farplanedist is your friend.

Thanks for the feedback ppl, consider this first release mainly a test of the concept & performance, visuals will change allot. As for the fog density, it cannot really be helped, it must hide the cutoff point or it will look terribad, im trying to find a more subtle color for it tough, so it blends into the background better. As for crossing on foot, i have a few things in the works for that.. but i don't want to spoil the surprise Wink

Quote:i have a few things in the works for that.. but i don't want to spoil the surprise

Sounds good!

_farplanedist didn't work for me the last time I tried, eg. it didn't help performace by any means on that ONS map Nexuiz had (forgot the name, duh!). Btw. we're talking about the console command, and not some map specific key, aren't we?

I had a game yesterday on this map. It is HUGE!!! The spiderbot is soo slow on this map, it actually was boring, and I was almost this close to exit from it, and bunnyhop around the map.
Also, possible bugreport: the speeder can't move up on those slopes. I had to use full thrust to SNAIL up on them Tongue
[Image: 561.png]
"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."

No console command. the worldspawn key. and im it sure works, just not if its enough.. but so far it seems so . (you have to vis the map to see the effect tough, of course)

I just have played this map. It's faaaaaaaaaaaar to big.

It's a fun map but the jetpack ruins it, as it trumps over all interesting vehicle tactics and stretches the game time endlessly in the hands of a flag carrier.

/vote rm jetpack Smile

PS: ground is indeed too blurry.

I vote add more jetpacks ...

map is very big ... I would also suggest adding more vehicles to the bases ... its kinda a bummer to have to sit and wait for the speeder or flyer (spiderbot is way too slow for anything but defence)

... and yes too much orange (a common theme in the other vehicle maps too)...

I would suggest avoiding the color all together (blues?)

Quote:... and yes too much orange (a common theme in the other vehicle maps too)...
Blue would be confusing because of the team colors. what's left? Green grass, yellow sand, grey rock... pink candy cotton.

I just noticed that if you try to go over the high pass with a speeder, that you won't be able to tell where the path is and will likely fall down the cliff. Hints via geometry or textures would be nice. If "nice" is supposed to be a thing of this map. (If not, add 20 jetpacks plz Wink ).

wrt to textures paths end such, I remade the terrain more or less from scratch, and use hand painted vertex colors for blending instead, hopefully should make it easier to notice the "path edges"
[Image: zrGPYl.jpg]

looking better allready

Oekey, its starting to look profesional, great job :-)

new version, first post updated.

Holy mother of god those screenies look good!

CRYSTALS Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Sleepy Heart Heart Heart


yeah ... ill give it a go ... on my "smaller" system

Cool! I like the neutral-vehicles idea. Have yet to test it with many players.

[Image: 7520218876_3da8ca6606.jpg]
It's quite dark in here.
[Image: 7520219104_3053148195.jpg]
Are the floating towers intended?
[Image: 7520219242_39e6e3bff7.jpg]
Texture normals inverted?
[Image: 7520219430_207a6cf977.jpg]
These "canons" can be used as cover
[Image: 7520218690_1088fd8d72.jpg]
Same goes for the bridges.

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