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Considering that only CTF and DM get played online, suggesting yet another gametype might be not worthwhile. Still I'd like to talk about it.

It's the gametype "Greed" from Unreal Tournament 3 (the Titan Pack), which is based on the mod with the same name for UT2004, which probably got inspired by Harvester in Quake 3 Team Arena (but works better).

[Image: greed.png]

It's a team based mode that usually gets played on CTF maps. If you kill someone from the opposing team, he at least drops one skull plus all the skulls he has collected so far. Your goal is to collect as many skulls as possible and drop them where the enemy flag would be (which gets replaced by a drop point of your team's color).

In UT3 skulls get stacked when dropped, a golden skull is worth 5 points and a big crimson skull is worth 20 points. So for example if some is worth 20 points, he drops one big crimson skull and a normal one (for the point the kill is worth). The skulls get scattered around the area, when someone gets killed.

Player overlays always show the number of skulls they're carrying - so you know which enemy is the biggest threat. To compensate this collecting more than ten skulls grants you Strength. The more skulls you have, the longer Strength stays available.

Of course the collectible item doesn't have to be a skull. Could be anything, coins for example. Whatever is suited best for Xonotic's style.

Since Xonotic doesn't have map types like UT you could basically modify normal DM maps to work with Greed and offer some more interesting layouts like both drop points next to each other. The UT3 community did that with special "CTF-GRD" maps, that were not supposed to work with normal CTF. But Xonotic's map system offers the necessary freedom already, which is great.

Space CTF maps probably won't work too well with Greed, since there is a high chance that someone gets killed midair and all the skulls get lost. But again with Xonotic's map system you could just easily exclude CTF maps that don't work well enough with Greed.

Harvester in Quake 3 Team Arena was very similar by the way. However, there you would have one skull dropper in the center. If someone gets killed, the skull dropper spits out a skull in their team's color. You have to collect enemy skulls and drop them at their base. And you have to destroy skulls in your own color (by walking over them) to prevent the enemy team from collecting them. ... That's pretty much it and it wasn't that much popular. Trust me, Greed is more fun, because in Greed you can easily have a situation, where many skulls get piled up in one location and both teams fight for the pile.

I'm really happy that Xonotic offers classic Domination and Greed is basically the only gametype I miss here. It was a lot of fun in UT3 and might be a great addition to Xonotic.
[Image: 13320.png]

hmm ... sounds interesting ... and totally possible ... although skulls won't really fit well with the xonotic style ... I'm sure we could come up with something that works ...

hutty agrees

(09-16-2012, 04:25 PM)hutty Wrote: although skulls won't really fit well with the xonotic style ...
Yeah, it doesn't have to be a skull. It can be anything. In UT2004's Greed you were even able to chose an item. Could be a skull, could be a coin, etc.

I totally like that idea. But one thing comes to mind - you know that we already have something similar called keyhunt? Imho greed is somewhat comparable, maybe one could describe it as a mix of ctf and keyhunt. Since both kh and ctf are awesome gametypes, I would like to see the greed mode in Xonotic (at least a first "proof-of-concept" version). Anyone up to do it?

I might get involved in this too, as I wanted to start some Xonotic coding (QuakeC) anyway. Didn't check out the sources yet, only looked at some parts of the code. So I don't want to be the only one working on this... Wink
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Yeah, I like Keyhunt, though I wouldn't compare it to Greed. I would describe Keyhunt as "baseless CTF". xD Each team gets a flag, which is attached to one of the players and you have to bring all flags together.

In Greed there's no limited number of keys or flags. Each kill produces a new skull and every player can carry skulls and possibly score points at all times. It can be quite chaotic, but that is what makes it so fun. Sometimes you also get situations, where you have like 50 skulls or more in one location and both teams fight for it desperately. The adrenaline rush when you drop a big number of skulls at once is amazing.

Of course Greed is more a fun gametype, probably not suitable for competetive matches, but fun.

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