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Space trigger ?

hi dudes

alias example "say ^$1 ^$2 ^$3"
alias example2 "commandmode example"
bind KEY "example2"

can i make on ^$1 ^$2 ^$3 a space trigger ?
i can make only Chat: 1hello 2wahts 3up = Chat: hello wahts up

I don't understand what you want to do. Do you want the color to change on every space? I'm sure that's possible, but I don't really want to spend time on this for now :X

Tell me what result you want and what you want to type to get that result.

I want a space after each color change

You want a color change after each space, you mean? That's certainly possible but I won't do that now, sorry. You'll need to make some sort of recursive alias that eats up one word at a time and detects when there's nothing left in the argument stack.

alright i try it

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