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Anyone playing Awesomenauts? It's a MOBA 2D platformer that focus more on twitch skill than most other MOBAS.

If anyone got it we could play sometime. Smile And if you don't got it I highly recommend it, it works on Unix-like systems and Win32. Only downside is that I think you need to play it through Steam since the game depends on some of their services.

I've heard of it, and Unknown[NF] has tried to get me to get it several times before! What's a MOBAS?
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A MOBA is basically DOTA-like games. The goal is to destroy the enemies base. You play as a extra strong character and fight the enemies along with your teammates and botmates(creeps, minions, droids, they got different names in different MOBAS). Then you level during the progress, you can attack neutral enemies around the map, you can buy items, pick up spawned items etc.

Awesomenauts is a bit different since it's more focused around twitch and platformer skill, you can think of it as a more fast-paced MOBA game. It also is a bit unique in the sense that it's a bit simplified, although not simpler as in easier. It got a bit of different difficult though, it's more tactical while other MOBA's I would say is more strategic.

I consider Awesomenauts not as hardcore or competetive as lets say DOTA, but there is some competetive activity. For example I found this site earlier today:

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