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I have migrated my master server ( to a new IP address.

The old address ( ) will remain operational for a few weeks, but probably not much longer.

The new address is and now has an IPv6 address of 2604:180::4ac:98c1 2604:180:0:637::2 ( has both the A & AAAA records set).

The darkplaces engine source repo should be getting an update soon, LordHavoc has been notified.

Since Xonotic is primarily a multiplayer game, it might be wise to use the named addresses instead of direct IP addresses. Darkplaces defaults to IP addresses as named addresses can cause startup delay when a client is offline (and Quake was a single-player game first and foremost).

Named addresses are unfortunately out of the question, as they lead to the engine hanging for minutes at startup if there's no internet access.

If it at least showed what it's doing, and responded to commands (and be it just quit) during that, it'd be acceptable... but hanging on black screen is totally unacceptable.

Yes, we still have not found anyone to implement asynchronous DNS. Blame this on nonportability of the solutions for it.
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Necro bumping. Unfortunately, my IPv6 range is being forced to migrate. I have updated with first post with the new IPv6 IP.

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