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Freddy's Curvature

I just wanted to say that we had fun today with @Freddy's Curvature map.

We had 4 players today. It worked very well -- we had quite frequent encounters, and the curved hallways were excellent for quickly escaping from the enemy. I also like that in some curved hallways, the lower level can throw rockets to the higher level, or vice versa. It was full of surprises.

Now some suggestion:
  • Some hallways were really dark so it was quite difficult to see each other.
  • I like the placement of the mega-health -- an awkward place that players usually need to use laser jump plus mid-air control to land properly, which makes it challenging, and provides opportunities for other players to attack the fetchers.
  • On the other hand, the curved stair also takes a bit of efforts to get onto, and to get under. Perhaps you can provide some incentive to do so by placing the mega-shield under it?

Please bear in mind though, that I'm a causal player, so my opinion is based on my skill level. And my opinion is based on my FFA experience, not Duel.

@Freddy, thanks again for submitting the very first map for the contest!

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