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Hi guys!

I'm 98digger.

Basically, I'm kind of new to this "free/open-source FPS" thing. I guess it all started several months ago when I got bored with browsing the internet on Lubuntu and decided to hunt for some Linux games to play. I discovered Red Eclipse, which I played intensely for a few months, until the devs of that game decided to release version 1.5, which, in my opinion, destroyed everything I liked about the game (weapon vars were changed, animations tweaked, models modified, and an "online agreement" thing was added).

Disatisfied with Red Eclipse and its developers, me and several other players of Red Eclipse 1.4 set out to fork the game into what is currently known as "Project Equinox". We are still working on version 0.1, at the moment. The game is based around the idea that everything in the game should be optional; for example, you can change the main theme if you want, or, say, change the weapon vars to match those of any version of Red Eclipse via an options dashboard.

The original developer of Blood Frontier, the game Red Eclipse was forked from, is writing me a license to use his stuff in Project Equinox. I am also interested in adding some Xonotic content into Project Equinox, but I guess I should start separate topic for that. I have to say, reading about Xonotic's story has motivated me to continue work on my fork. Smile

Outside of FPS games, I am heavily interested in the Touhou Project, anime, and computers in general. I am greatly interested in retro computers, such as the NEC PC-98 and Commodore 64, and retro video games.

If you are interested in helping out with Project Equinox, please leave me a PM/email. Smile

Thanks! Big Grin

Take your skills and help develop Xonotic. Its a far superior game Smile

[Image: 38443.png]

I second that, but I'm as biased. Tongue

That said, welcome! Might I ask why you want a game with a lot of options? A game for me is mostly game play and (in case of multiplayer) the community. Of course many options is wonderful, but it's not really what I personally value, I tend to judge engine performance, graphics and how fun the game itself is when playing games.

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