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Xon settings for levelshots

Are there any recommended graphic settings for mapmakers to be used when creating a levelshot? I have nothing found in the forum. The reason why i ask this is, that i have seen so many maps with bad quality levelshots.
In my opinion there should only be map elements and no menu elements seen on a levelshot (r_draw2d = 0). Also the quality and 3d settings should be the same as a new installed xonotic. The image side format should be the same as the preview pics during mapchange. The pixel count should be higher as in preview, so you can use the levelshot also on a webpage.

I do not set any quality-related graphics setting to take screenshots, but I disable the HUD and a few more things trough my autoexec.cfg file:

// To take screenshots (F12):

bind z "viewsize 120 ; r_drawviewmodel 0 ; crosshair 0 ; shownetgraph 0 ; showfps 0 ; showtime 0 ; showdate 0 ; cl_hidewaypoints 1"
bind x "viewsize 100 ; r_drawviewmodel 1 ; crosshair 16 ; shownetgraph 1 ; showfps 1 ; showtime 1 ; showdate 1 ; cl_hidewaypoints 0"

A similar thread can be found here (see the later posts).

Ultimately, the map author is responsible for the quality of the levelshot.
You are free to put as much (or little) effort into it as you wish.
The mentioned settings are a good start.

Because the levelshot adds bytes to the map package, its size should be kept reasonable.
You may provide additional high-resolution images in the forum or wherever you publish the map.

@z, did you write something for that'll do an automatic level shot?

This is what I do when I create a level shot:
  1. Turn all HUD off
  2. Change to very large resolution (say 1600x1200 or more)
  3. Join as an observer
  4. Move to a good place/angle
  5. Take the screenshot
  6. Edit it down (crop to a region you like) to 512x512, as sev described.

I set normal graphics settings and have the cropped image as 800x600. The aspect ratio of map previews in the map vote menu seem to be a little fatter than squares. The problem with mapshots is that a lot of maps are not actually made for Xonotic and instead are either rips or ports such that adding in custom maps adds initial headaches for server admins.

For example, the map shots for Quake 3 maps are very noticeably low resolution that I could even see the image artifacts when the map vote menu comes up.

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