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Xonotic: RGZ Ranked Ladder

Hey guys! I recently found out about this new duel ladder... It's still in development so many other features could be added in the future. Here's a link to it:

Let me know what you think about this  Smile

It has some neat additions. I think we could merge those into the existing xonstats like:
-badges for different elos
-badges on scoreboard

-comparing stats directly ingame (like streaming xonstats data for all players on your server)
-organizing tournaments ingame (like an announcement wall with bottons that can make you connect to some server at the right time - like a serverbrowser, or integrate it into the serverbrowser)
-or adding players as friends / follow for bookmarking stats (maybe on scoreboard)

XonStat maintainer here: how exactly does this replace XonStat? It's basically a self-organized ladder system with no programmatic support. Given that it has no programmatic backing, there is nothing to be merged!
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

For me that sounds more like a long-term tournament like xonotic duel league. Which is not necessarily a bad idea ofc.

Do they have a ladder for alcoholics? I can't see myself fitting any other ladder

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