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Why game mode menu is not showing at the end of match?

I have this server.cfg:
sv_public 1
hostname "My Test server"
sv_vote_gametype 1

sv_motd "Hi, this is my epic server"
maxplayers 32
timelimit_override 5
log_file "server.log"

gametype dm
sv_vote_gametype 1
sv_vote_gametype_options "dm tdm lms ctf ca ft ka kh dom ons as"

g_maplist_votable 6
g_maplist_votable_nodetail 1

minplayers 0
g_warmup 2

It's not showing game mode menu, sv_vote_gametype is 1 Sad BUT if I send it to server from command line it works fine!
[Image: 121581.png]

Did you reload the config after changing it? What command are you using to set it from console? What happens when you do `rcon sv_vote_gametype`? It should print the current value.
[Image: 30381.jpg]

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