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[MAPS] Sketchy Maps

Ok instead of making new threads for new sketchy maps this is now a thread for all.
Post your own sketchy ideas if you compiled some. The .map-file should be included.

Download Sketch Textureset (currently 29 textures + shaders etc (125 image files))

[Image: uGVKoj4.png]

Its a quick pool map. The borders and middle part are ice(slick). Has 2 Spiderbots per team.
The water circulates around the middle island.
Also it brings this texturepack which is useful for sketching maps or making one out of it if you like that (as) artstyle.  Smile

Download SketchyPool

[Image: cFHOdrv.png]

Second sketchy map:
A classic spacefloater.
Gravity only on the base-platforms else 0.
The maps boundaries will gently push you back inside.
Hook is enabled by default. Hookspeed raised to 5000 so you don't wait ages to grab something.
And everything* is ice.

Download SketchySpacefloater

And the sketchy textures now include transparent non-solid surfaces in 6 different flavors.


[Image: LvK5GVg.png]

Monolith. Not as sketchy but simple enough. It's another slick arena with many corners to strafe-slide and 16 Warpzones that randomly reconnect every 4-9sec.
Every section has its own weapons and new toys are active.
Also you spawn without blaster. Center spawns nex/rifle and has the only non-slick floor.

It uses the uniform_mats texture set which is included.
GPLv3 also included.

Edit: Added 4 Mega Armors, new warpzone-edge-effect, bot waypoints and made a video.

Download Monolith.

Red upper floor portals, purple lower floor:
[Image: qRninuH.png?1]

Man, I just have to mention that SpaceFloater is the most beautiful map I have ever seen in Xonotic. Something about the whole texture style that makes whole map look like blueprint as well as textures that reflect light. I am just awestruck <3

Nothing bad, the environment looks calm. The lighting effects seems modern and futuristic.

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