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[NEED HELP] Still new one year later

Hi.  I'm still new to the game. Last year I tried but my PC was old and couldn't handle graphics, particularly on oilrig and a few others.
I have a new PC now and want to get familiar with maps before I try gaming on a server.  However I was stunned to see the number of maps on
How many of these maps are played on servers? Should I download them to look around at weapons spawn points and layout, or do server games typically stay on the campaign maps?



If you think that's a lot of maps, have a look here:
Many of the official maps are also the most popular, as you can see here
But most servers also have a large number of unofficial maps, some of these are over 10 years old and come from nexuiz or quake 3, and are still popular.

You can become reasonable at fragging and items in dm with bots, especially in the latest autobuilds where the bots are much better at shooting.
However you will learn way more about map layouts, how to take advantage of them, and the tactics for gametypes like ctf, duel and ca, online.  Spectating good players to learn why they win is very worthwhile, and if you're interested in duel, there's some good duels on youtube.

As you play, try to improve your config so you can be more efficient and reduce any distractions, this helps but is only the beginning:
Get an IRC client and hang out in #xonotic and the channels for servers in your area, if you don't already.

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