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Wallhack AI aimbots?

I was playing clan arena this morning, and the first time I spectated I saw that the player was constantly vortexing very precisely at targets, but strangely they were obstructed by walls for the most time. It didn't look exactly like a classic aimbot though (like from Quake 3 days). The movements were rather smooth and not jittery, not turning back and forth 180th degrees all the time and such. When I complained the player disconnected very briefly after.
Then just now the other teammates discovered that one player was not shooting back and just running around. He didn't seem to target anything. He just looked at the floor, was walking around and was (at times?) shooting the Vortex constantly. It pretty much looked like a neural network that had been left alone and trained for a week or so.

Are there even any wallhacks and aimbots for Xonotic? I rarely play and only for a week at times or so. I have never seen such a thing in Xonotic even.
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You might have just seen a very good player, but who knows. Hacking is not very prevalent in this game, but that doesn't mean it never happens.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

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