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Xonotic "asset library"

I want to make a disco club inside a power plant, so I did spent over 3 hours going through all the maps from my dlcache folder with a .map file in them and I catalogued interesting stuff that is in it I could copy & paste.

It wasn't really meant for others to use, but  maybe you will find this useful.

Quote:thuma        tons of city stuff, high-tech houses, doorways, roads, ACs, etc.
reddm6_q3        MOVING TREES +  buildings (kind of broken when converted from bsp)
toxicfabric        generators, tanks, crates, barrels, barbed wire, kitchen, solar, stargate effect, book shelf, chairs, industry windows, fans (some stuff kind of broken -> bsp)
desertfactory        palletes, crates, tanks, generator-ish stuff, cheap factory windows, steam
abbey_ut        TREES, PLANTS
aepyra            TREES
cupolaarena1         fir TREE, (dome thing, pillars)
drain            techno panels
dust2            PLANTS (grasses), different barrels and crates
encore            pipes, grasses, nice ground hole, techno panels
erbium            PLANTS (vines, ferns, ivy), fans, wallgears, waterfall, teleporter, TURBINE, cone caps?
g-23            PC & office chair, forklift, pipes
gasoline_02        disco ball & magic kid skybox
glowplant        handrails
pushme            FIRE
station-x        forklift, fenced wall pipes, nice pressure tank thing, ladder, handrail, crates, monitor, pipes
unsealed        TREE, ROCK, satellite dish
cabaret            TREEs
padoasis        TREE
ron_sniper_gigant    crates, TREEs
overlord        trees without leaves
voll_aufs_maul        panels, crates, plants

corrosion_ql         volt panels, vent machine
aether            (lights, pipes)
aneyrism         (huge weird angled beams), fat pipes in wall & ceiling
assispace_v6        crates, barrels, fork lift, space ship
atomforge        mystery crate, (teleporter/jumppad)
azalea            mega fuses, concrete-ish styles
bloodyrun        brick pipe stuff with broken walls
bromine            grass, mystery box, (weird fat cabled tunnel lighting)
bump            silo lid
castle-beta2        torches, flags
chaos            huge power box thing
cores            (huge reactor light cylinder)
darkzone        pipepool, fans, crates, tunnel
dm_nexdm3        huge ass fans, gears, small pipes, rusty look
fickle-ctf        panels, weird ass teleporter, forklift, crates
fuse            pipes and panels
greatwall_revisited_b2r2_melano4    (Tree pictures non-transparent?)
minideck_v4r4        (beam thing)
monstrosity        barrels, crates, vent thing (low)
q3gwdm2            ferns, rocks, cables, vents
spirecontrol6         fir TREE
thehighestground    fat pipes
warfare            plant, crate hanger ceiling, roof fence
breathium        (fuse box)
trinity_full        spotlights
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