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How to play invasion or race game mode?


So I've been reading the wiki and I noticed that there were two game modes I didn't see: invasion, which according to the wiki is experimental and race. But ingame I can't see them. Do I need to compile by my own the last got version in order to get them. Are themĀ  a mod? What do I have to do to get them?

Thanks in advanced.

For invasion, execute
g_mapinfo_allow_unsupported_modes_and_let_stuff_break 1; g_invasion 1
on the console (Shift+Esc by default). Then
map boil
for instance.

For race by default there are only two maps (IIRC), so you may want to download more. Activate developer mode to show them in the Create menu. But there are many things to set up for better experience, so you may want to see the XDF Academy's videos.

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