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[SOLVED] all: line 673: syntax error near unexpected token `fi'

If you guys get this error message when updating from git:
all: line 673: syntax error near unexpected token `fi'
then don't worry... Just type this command where you would do ./all update:
git pull
and then run ./all update

If you're using my autobuild pack, type this command into shell.bat before the "git pull" one:
cd /xonotic
then close the shell window and run build.bat again.

I managed to fix this error by changing line 671 in ./all from
elif which catchsegv >/dev/null 2>&1/, then
elif which catchsegv >/dev/null 2>&1/, ; then

(note the semicolon)

Yep but you now have unstaged changes, and that is kind of bad. Besides, you have to remove the comma.
You'll have to do this now:
git reset --hard all

Basically, your fix gets in the way of further updates of the script, while my solution makes use of an older "all" script that can then fix itself by updating to the fixed version present in the repository.

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