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[SUGGESTION] balanceTest feedback

This was a pleasant surprise. After posting the cage match thread, divVerent has informed me that there is a fourth balance/physics set under development and from what I can tell, IT'S PRETTY DAMN GOOD. In some ways it's got some similarities to Fruitiex' settings, in other ways it's got some similarities to mine. The only two questionable things I've seen in them is the electro having the lightning gun feature and the crylink being just another HLAC. In my opinion it would be cool to see that lightning gun attack dropped in as a replacement for the crylink secondary (don't know how to do this, else I probably would've done it in my config) and the electro mostly restored back to the way it used to be since it feels wierd the way it is. Still haven't actually tested them in a match yet so I can't comment on how well balanced the weapons are, but in my opinion the electro (restore this weapon plz) and crylink (primary annoyingly slow, secondary just like HLAC primary) need work, everything else feels right.

Almost forgot to add this. To try these out, type in:


into your console before starting a game
OK just did a bot match. THE GAME IS NOT BALANCED FOR LEAN lol I can tell there's still tweaking going on, so I'll comment on it later. Right now the balance is almost non-existant with the rocket launcher and nex owning everything and the shotgun is capable of sending you across the arena. The general direction is pretty damn good though, it's going to be pretty cool when they get it all balanced.

Oh wait.

Personally, I want to keep the lightning on the electro as it is electric Tongue
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i think if the electro is kept as is, the graphical side could use a little love.

something like THIS
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I don't like how the new Link pops open when shafting, but I like everything else about it. The new look just works, if you catch my drift. I like how clean and user-friendly <snrk> the new mesh looks and how Linking up is automatic when you get close, as well as how the primary fire rate and base damage feel just perfect. I love 200 millisecond for hoses, I can perfectly measure out servings of damage. Fun trivia: the glyph things on the Link Gun mesh are a callout to Star Wars fandom. I also like the damage changes to the shock, and the new visuals and sounds are wonderfully crazy.

Er, back to Xonotic. Blush What's the current Electro lacking, aesthetically? I hope it keeps that distinctive grille around the front glowy part. I don't mind moving the lightning since I already imagine the Nex being a sort of "laser taser" and I don't see a problem with establishing a clear theme of electrically themed weapons in the lore. I guess it would add a bit of believability to establish a weapon technology that's useful in myriad variations- you know, kinda like how blades, guns and explosives are in real life. I prefer blatant unrealism, but I've already seen interest in "realistic" explanations in this very forum.

The only weapon visual I have a real problem with is the Hagar since I keep mistaking it for the Electro. Is any one else having this problem, or is it just me? If it's not just me, at least it's an easy fix- change the glow colour to anything far from blue.

One of the things I like most about this game is sharing of ammo types. One change I'd like to see is more evenly distributing the weapons across all the ammo types. I'd also like to see some weapons use a different type for each firemode, capitalising on how the HUD displays all ammo counts e.g. merging the Shotgun and Uzi and possibly having you spawn with one and be able to dual-wield by picking up a second one. Dual-wielding rubs me the wrong way, but I really like the idea of it being both the weak starting weapon and a desirable pickup since the idea of spawning with a great all-rounder seems unpopular but I don't like the idea of any lovingly crafted toys being widely undesirable. An SMG/Shotgun combo would also seem like a nice fun-size twist on the AR/Grenade combo. Yay? Nay?

All discussion continues here:
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