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[SOLVED] What's the texturing process for Xonotic?

Hey everyone

This might seem like a pretty basic thing (or at least I hope it's basic Tongue ) but I can't find anywhere what the texturing process is for Xonotic models. I would like to know before I dive into texturing anything just because I'd prefer not to have to re-do a lot of time-consuming UV Mapping and the like.

Just to make it clear what I'm talking about, here's an example of the texturing process for Jedi Academy (another Quake engine-based game):

Quote:Apply standard materials with bitmap textures to the model in 3DS Max
UV Map the textures in 3DS Max, and export the file to .md3
Create a text file named "" with the path for each texture that the model needs put on it
Open the .md3 in MD3View and apply the .skin file
Export to .glm and put the model in-game

If someone could give me that kind of a process for finalizing a Xonotic model with textures, I would REALLY appreciate it.

Oh, and if you could include in there how to put an animated texture (like a series of .jpg images) on a Xonotic model, that would be awesome, too.
[Image: myvFI.png]

for 3ds/md3 you simply name the material like the shader/texture your ingame model would use. exxample:
real path to texture is: c:\xonotic\data\xonotic-maps.pk3dir\textures\mymode\mytexture.tga
ingame path is: textures\mymode\mytexture.tga
and your material name is textures/mymode/mytexture

Animated textures are done just like in q3, with a shader.

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