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[SUGGESTION] trigger suffocate/ trigger hurt+heal

a field without air like underwater with normal physics i mean its useful for spacestations when you get out ull suffcate (with sounds) slow or fast -definable

would be great or additional functions for trigger hurt:
-hurt_delay: how long a player has to be in the trigger that the hurt effect will start
-hurt_add: adds(or decreases) the given amount to the damage by the given interval(default: 0)
-hurt_interval: the hurt rate per second (default: 1)
-hurt_interval_add: adds(or decreases) an amount of hurtrate by the given interval(default: 0)
-hurt_soundConfusedet the soundpath to the wav/ogg file to the sound that the hurted player will make by damage
-hurt_sound_depends_on_value: when set to 1 the damagesounds volume will depend on the damage amount

maybe combine it with the trigger_heal so a negative damage will heal

i think it would fit the space concept


as we have multiple maps with outside areas damage due to vacuum isn't a good idea... don't bring too much realism to the game Smile

but i can't know whether these mapping functions are a good idea.

sometimes this could be nice Wink
[Image: 788.png]

could be intresting
[Image: bartucnexuiz.png]

(12-05-2010, 07:52 AM)jaykay Wrote: [...]good idea... don't bring too much realism to the game Smile

would not be to much realism because the mapper can choose the position for it and its not random Wink

in a space map wit a space ship it would be cool when you fall out of the ship to have no gravity and youll suffocate the thing with no gravity is possible...

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