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Interesting tool that may be useful

I don't think anything created with a free tool have any "attached string". The GPL and the like is a distribution license, is only important if you start to distribute around gimp.exe to other people, in other cases is not related.
Commercial software can have a EULA, and that eula can make you owe then your first soon. Actually, some EULA's include really abusive and illegal clauses that are void all around the world. I don't think "normal" tools like photoshop would include anything on his eula that stop anyuse, or any other tool, but you never know. What is probably true is that these clausuls will be void all around the world, and that are imposible to enforce. I can start drawing in photoshop, continue with gimp and finish with paint. To the external world will look like made by paint.

TLBig GrinR:

Use *any* tool you can get your hand to.

Maybe a exception must be made for "Hommer Simphon character creator" and alike tools, that reuse contents, in a Mr. Potato way.

cool to think in that way Wink
So I´ll try to finish some others in that way you´ve explained.

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