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Poll: Select whichever music options apply to you
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Guitar, bass guitar
21 18.26%
Drums, percussion
11 9.57%
Wind instruments (flutes)
3 2.61%
Reed instruments (oboe, clarinet, saxophone))
5 4.35%
Brass instruments (trumpet, horn, tuba)
4 3.48%
String instrument (violin, cello)
2 1.74%
Keyboard, piano, organ, accordian
19 16.52%
Electronic, synthesizer, sampling, mixing
14 12.17%
Other instrument type not listed here
4 3.48%
Vocals, singing
9 7.83%
I'm currently in a band/music group
6 5.22%
I create/play music individually
17 14.78%
Total 115 vote(s) 100%
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Do you play an instrument or make music?

Played trombone for 4 years and won multiple awards in music contests in the US and Canada with the school band I was playing in...
However, I stopped for some reasons... I'm missing trombone such a great instrument...(Do not own one actually... Could change in the upcoming months...)
Used to play a bit of everything, from orchestral arrangements to movie music and Jazz (didn't like jazz too much actually) and even sometimes game music in my spare time (I still had some at the time...).
Never participated in any "professional" band recording. I mean recording to make a CD or music to be published in games or movies, as we mostly played live...

Skill level in a few words: Good, not professional... (If I put my hands back on a trombone, which is not sure)

Played bass for fun in the past, but not long enough to get good, and used to create music, but didn't made anything for a really long time...
Thanks to the devs!
PM me if you need something... I'll be happy to help for any translation work needed...

I used to create digital music a few years back, mostly generic electronic crap and chiptunes, and in my school years i played guitar, bass and drums. I also played piano, i used to hideout in an old boiler room in the basement where someone, for some unknown reason, decided to house a piano so i played to pass time (imo, playing piano is slightly less boring than watching an empty wall). Never saw anyone else down there and i doubt anyone ever heard me.

I still play piano and bass sometimes but only after i made sure no one can hear me.
Why always the fighting?

Violin for 7 years now. I'm quitting after 10 years because the teacher have shared all of their knowledge then, and school.

Been playing piano for two years,, i haven't made a tune i can truly lay back and listen to though. Starting out in software synthesizers; lmms, hydrogen and ardour combo, getting there.
How long is a piece of string?

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