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Poll: Do you think that
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mortar sounds are OK
12 25.53%
mortar sounds areNOK
3 6.38%
Jumping sound is OK
9 19.15%
Jumping sound is NOK
7 14.89%
mg secondary sound is OK
10 21.28%
mg secondary sound is NOK
6 12.77%
Total 47 vote(s) 100%
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ingame sounds

Here are some sound aspects which, imo, could be improved:

1) the grenade launching and detonation sounds of the mortar are saturating, which gives a cheap effect.
I mean saturating sounds are not to be forbidden, but it does not fit with the mortar imo. As opposed, the saturating sound of the nex is just perfect.

2) the sound of the footsteps when jumping is still quite heavy. It provides the feeling that our model weighs as an elephant (which btw is even more weird because obviously most models have been fed with diet food). And this provides the feeling of jerky moves.

3) the mg secondary sounds too regular, too mechanical, imo.

To me, 1) and 3) may be only details, but 2) is definitely not.

What do you guys think?
Please adress these 3 points before diverging toward a balance thread.

yer , i has to say the jumpin sound could do with a pitch up , or sumthink , sounds like the player is wearing size 9000 gumboots



something else. the sound of coming out of water is just weird. just putting that out there.

and speaking of water, it would be nice to have some sort of underwater distortion effect for audio. not sure how hard it will be, but it's something to think about.
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Didn't vote on jumping, as I think we need it but I do think it should be edited, a bit to heavy right now. I like the MG better than in Nexuiz, has a much more distinct sound now. The new GL sounds like it's in a can, but it's a change I can live with.
Quote:Please adress these 3 points before diverging toward a balance thread.
Heh. Big Grin
nowego [MLP:FiM]

For the most part, we just worked with what we had. I was the one that added the newer sound files from the banks which tenshihan left for us, and I think they're all pretty good. (Although the only two in question that I changed were mortar sounds and MG sounds) The only one which slightly annoys me is MG primary fire sound, it seems too sharp/"mechanical" (you could say). However i've had many testers say this sound is actually better than the old sound for it. (That's the case with every change I did with the sound: overall an improvement) So I can't say that i'm prepared to revert it or change it unless we get something that everyone can agree upon being better.

As for jumping sounds, personally I don't see this as a problem (to me it makes sense that a suit of armor and a heavy person would make a lot of noise) but I also am pretty indifferent to it changing. If people would rather have less loud/higher pitch sounds for jumping, then i'll see it in the poll and later just edit the sound in audacity or something if required.

And as for mortar, could you please define saturated in a different way? I'm not sure I see what you mean. (Examples would be great, too) - Otherwise I personally love the new mortar sound. There is one thing in question which is the "explosion"/"impact" sound (not to be confused with firing sound), the problem is that the explosion sound now differs from RL impact sound. The mortar impact sound has more "frizzle" (?) than RL impact sound and seems to last longer as well. Not entirely sure what to do with that -- As it actually does add one advantage: You can tell which projectile just exploded near you, for example. (You may not have heard the weapon itself if it were e.g. across the map)

(12-25-2010, 07:31 PM)Samual Wrote: And as for mortar, could you please define saturated in a different way? I'm not sure I see what you mean.
Actually, it's first a matter of feeling.
But, if we go into details, i see two problems mostly on grenade_fire.ogg:
1) there is a medium reverb effect on it. Which does not make this sound clear for this kind of impulsive sound.
2) when editing it with audacity, it can be seen some typical effects of saturation on the first part of the sample (i.e. the waveform takes the form of sawteeth, meaning that some information has been lost during the encoding because the dynamic was not sufficient at the time of the sound recording). Same applies (less significativily though) on grenade_impact.ogg.

But again, these technical aspects should not really matter (electro does have a lot of reverb, nex is also saturating, but they are both perfect). It's all about of feeling.

To me, the nexuiz mortar sounds were ok.

Sounds overall are very very good, good work guys.

Shotgun sound is epic, best one i've heard for a long time, good work there.

Not a fan of the machinegun sounds though but I can just change them if I want too so no problem for me Smile
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hm... intriguing votes FruitieX...

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