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[Spoilers!]What happened to Trainer Blue's Raticate? [Spoilers!]

Ever play through the original Red/Blue? Congratulations you sick demented SOB, you killed Trainer Blue's Raticate. When you run into him at Lavender Town (which is where dead pokemon are buried) he says: "What are you doing here? Your pokemon aren't dead, BUT I CAN MAKE THEM FAINT!" In that battle you notice instead of having five pokemon he only has four and you'll notice that his Raticate is missing. Also, why is Blue even more aggressive towards you this time? Was it because his Raticate was mortally wounded when you wrecked him on the S.S. Anne?

TL;DR So for those of you wondering what happened to Trainer Blue's raticate I'll tell ya: YOU FREAKING KILLED HIM!!!

Also here's something interesting from a random google search that points evidence at you actually playing the bad guy:

Copy pasta from a random google search, posted by a guy going by Douk

"In pokemon Blue, people think the Rival is Evil. But when you go to the city with the pokemon tower (where they put dead pokemon, think its Lavender town). Your Rival doesn't have his Raticate anymore. He visited the town to bury his pokemon, guess who killed it. You, when you last battled him. His Raticate was in fatal condition. He never blames you, though. And uses this moment as motivation for his dream, to become the pokemon master. At the end of the game, he achieves his dream, but only for a brief moment. where you come and take it all away. Then when you are the pokemon master, his own grandfather (Oak) praises you for winning and scorns his grandson.

You killed his pokemon, took his dream right from under his nose, and even took the love of his only family. You were the bad guy all along."

Oh wait.

Just like all the copypasta out there, this one has only one response possible:

(08-10-2012, 02:37 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Cloud is the new Web 2.0. It makes no damn sense to me.

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