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Pixel Motion Blur? Good Idea?

What would you think about having modern gfx like Per Pixel Motion Blur?

Makes the game more realistic.

Example games with Per Pixel Motion Blur (PC`s and Console`s):
Halo: Beach, Crysis, Unreal Tournament 3 and More...

Example Modifications With Per Pixel and Other Motion Blur Option: OpenSause Post Processing (Halo CE), PCXPQuake 2(Very Fucked) (Quake 2) and more....

I'm surprised to see a good suggestion from you. As stated, it is a great idea.

The current motion blur nearly makes my eyes bleed out until death. I loved the motion blur in crysis and UT3, and would love to see it replace the old style of blurring in Xonotic/nexuiz.
[Image: jngsiggy.png]

I'm the person who implemented the current motionblur --

Per pixel motionblur just is way too slow, and wouldn't work on some (actually quite a few) platforms/graphics configurations. Besides, you're wrong: Crysis and UT3 don't even use per-pixel blur. -- Crysis uses something fancy called per-object blur, it's how they do their motionblur, depth of field, and some parts of the bloom effects. If we wanted this in DP (I know you're not arguing for this, but still), it would require a re-write of part of the renderer Tongue UT3 uses a mixture: it's screen based blur with per-pixel fading techniques. DP is just screen based blur which blurs the entire image all at once.

Here's the thing: The way I did it has the most support and best performance. Its biggest downfall is that it has bad results at low FPS.. If you have 30fps it'll look rather terrible, but it looks best around 70/80fps. Anything higher is good too -- Besides, replacing an already implemented feature is a waste of time when there are far more important/useful things which could be done (like soft particles, etc etc)

"The current motion blur nearly makes my eyes bleed out until death"

:'( -- seriously though, try lower values. If it's too high it looks shitty. I use 0.2 all the time with damageblur at 0.3. And if you really don't like it that much, just turn it off Tongue It's MOSTLY used for videos anyway (though there are some players, like me, who use it all the time)

Nah... i have tested out a mod and it was terrible... it almost crashed my Halo CE... Pixel Motion Blur is for next-gen gfx that is so high, that does not exist. Pixel Motion Blur is a bad idea, its a lag effect.

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