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[SOLVED] chookstas performance overall question

hi hi

i just was thinking about how im doing for all you guys.

i think lately im not really doing much at all....

to be honest i feel like ive run out of things to do and say

so yer.....

i think i need help :/

anyone else out there that feels the same way?


its all about chooky aint it
[Image: vNzdsZw]

heh , no.

its about keeping things interesting and having a laugh and getting to know everyone fhishy

its a social thing i suppose :p

but seriously i am running out of things....

if i knew how to code , etc , then ild have more to say , help with.

that said , ill think ill try to make a map soon.

ill just have to start studying it all , oh and what would be the minimum powered cpu thingo to run them map makers?



im srue what you have now is fine. it would just take longer to compile it. if its a really big map then i could compile it for ya Big Grin

but it would be good to see you mapping Tongue

you could also learn some code and help out there Tongue and then whos a nerd? Tongue
[Image: vNzdsZw]



seems this has been missed.... Sad
what more can one do?

chooky is was was is was was was is



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